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People taking action right now! This is not a petition, it's real, immediate action!

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Money talks and money motivates. Stop spending your money with the EU wherever possible until they beg us to leave! Don't worry about absolute perfection, it may not be possible to cut off all your EU spending, but when at the supermarket, faced with a choice of French wine over Australian, you can choose Australian; and when choosing between a German car or a Japanese car, you can choose Japanese. If we can reduce the UK's EU spending by even 10% it will put tremendous pressure on The EU to act! And we can promise, that once the UK is allowed to leave fully and in good faith, we will resume our normal level of spending.

You have the power to do what our entire parliament have failed to do - get us out of the EU completely! And there is nothing they can do to stop you. Demonstrations don't work, petitions don't work, even voting doesn't work. Stop buying from them and see how quickly they respond.

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You have enormous power as a customer. If you don't like the way a business behaves, do you keep shopping there? Of course not! Well the same can apply to the EU. They need your business but they are taking you for granted. Colluding with our corrupt government, they have done everything in their power to overturn your vote from 2016 - your vote to leave the EU. Not a vote to negotiate a different form of membership, not to remain, not to have another referendum, but to LEAVE.

The ballot box hasn't worked. Not only did you vote to leave the EU in 2016, you also voted for a party that pledged to leave the EU and customs union in their manifesto at the general election in 2017! Both Labour and the Conservatives stood on this. But they can lie to you, betray you, and completely get away with it. They love the EU and the gravy train that is waiting for politicians like them. Money and power are all they understand and all they care about, so hit them where it hurts!

Top 5 EU Customers 2017
  1. USA - €375.9 Billion
  2. United Kingdom - €341 Billion
  3. China - €198.2 Billion
  4. Switzerland - €150.4 Billion
  5. Russia - €86.2 Billion

source DG Trade Statistical Guide

source Statistics on UK-EU trade


It's unlikely to be possible to quit all EU spending, but any significant reduction will make a difference! It may be that on a budget you have to shop at Aldi or Lidl (both German owned), but you can choose to buy the Chilean carmenere instead of French or Italian reds. Or the Excellent New Zealand sauvignon blanc instead of French whites. You can also support our farmers by purchasing british meat and veg.

If you're buying a brand new car, you can pick Japanese, Korean or American. Used cars, purchased privately, are less important as that money will only go to the individual selling (but parts may be EU for servicing).

If you can afford it, get your meat from a local butcher or farm shop, and be sure to make sure the meat is local!

Just get into the habbit of thinking about it! You'll be amazed how often you have a choice to buy EU, British, or Rest of The World. Just pick British first, ROTW 2nd and only EU if you have no choice.

Remainers will try and attack this cause, a) because they know it will work, and b) by trying to convince you that it can't be done. They will point out all the ways in which the EU is interwoven into our products and services. They will try and make you think "what's the point?". But you can make a big difference as long as you don't get hung up on perfection. A big reduction in your EU spending is what is needed - it doesn't have to be a total elimination. It's not all or nothing. If all us Brexiteers halved the amount of EU goods we purchased, that would be enough!


The reason this campaign will be so effective is the EU is controlled by a small number of very powerful countries. If Germany wanted us to leave the EU, do you think our politicians would be able to stop Brexit? They don't want us to leave because we spend a fortune with them. They get our business and get to make laws for us. If we deliberately slash our spending until we leave fully, they will be as keen as we are to support our wish for a full Brexit! Therefore it's more important to avoid products from the top EU players than it is to avoid small countries like Greece, that have been kicked around something rotten by The EU.

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Netherlands
  6. Sweden
  7. Poland
  8. Belgium
  9. Austria
  10. Ireland
  11. Denmark

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